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The Spike Chronicles

You may be asking yourself “who is Spike?” well I am here to tell you. Spike is my parents dog, he is a Jack Russel Terrier and unfortunately he is fat. We got Spike about 11 years ago and he has been a pretty good dog (unless you ask my brother, who isn’t very fond of him). Spike is VERY fat. Now this isn’t his fault, he is a dog and he’ll eat anything. Part of the problem lately is the current housing issues that my family has gone through. January of 2008 my parents sold their home, my dad was driving trucks at the time, and he, my mom and Spike hit the road. This is hard on a dog to be stuck in the cab of a truck for days at a time. Unfortunately for my mom she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after only 3 months of being on the road (click here to donate). This was good for the dog because he got to come back and live in a house. My parents both came home and the dog was/is still living in a smaller place and not a lot of room for him to run around. My dad wasn’t helping in the least bit either. Spike was given whatever food was on my dad’s plate not to mention the dog food in his dish already and in the morning my dad would give him 5-6 dog biscuits. Well, my dad just got a job in Michigan and is moving out there. I am going to be supervising the weight loss plan for Spike and wanted to document his progress here. Eventually Spike and my mom will join my dad in Michigan and I will continue to update the site until that time comes.



May 22, 2010

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